Effect of calcineurin and suppressor mutations on growth under different conditions

Relative growthaPercentage of viabilityb
GenotypeNa+Li+Mn2+Ca2+Hyg BHigh pHAlpha factor
cnb1Δ or cna1Δ cna2Δ++20
ure2-41 (scn1)++++++++ND
ure2-41 (scn1) cna1Δ cna2Δ+++++46
pma1-21 (scn2)++++++++ND
pma1-21 (scn2)cnb1Δ+++++58
  • a Assays for ion tolerance were performed as described in materials and methods. +, growth is equivalent to wild type; ++ , growth is better than wild type; −, growth is weaker than wild type in media containing the specified ion.

  • b Survival during treatment with alpha factor (yeast mating pheromone) was assessed as described in materials and methods. Briefly, log phase cultures were treated with 10 μg/ml alpha factor for 6 hr, and the percentage of viability was determined by vital staining. Percentages refer to the number of viable cells/total cell number. Strains were WT, YPH499; cnb1Δ, DD12; cna1Δ cna2Δ, MCY300-1; ure2-41, JY11002D; ure2-41 cna1Δ cna2Δ, JY4-1; pma1-21, JY314118A; and pma1-21 cnb1Δ, JY722A.