Comparison of numbers of substitutions in three lineages between five genes in regions with reduced recombination rates and eight genes with normal recombination rates

D. melanogasterD. simulansD. yakubaD. melanogasterD. simulansD. yakuba
Four ASC and ci genes43.041.0184.538.218.866.5
Eight genesa158.2103.4325.939.028.898.2
G = 15.8bG = 2.0
  • Assignment of substitutions in the three lineages was inferred on a basis of parsimony assumptions (see materials and methods).

  • a The Adh, per, Amy, sry, nullo, G6pd, boss and Rh3 genes are involved.

  • b The G-test of independence with Williams's correction was highly significant in synonymous substitution (P < 0.001), but not in replacement substitution.