Allele-specific suppression of the Δrbl2, Δpac10 synthetic lethal interaction by overexpression of α-tubulin mutants at restrictive temperature

α-Tubulin geneSuppression of Δpac10, Δrb12Viable with Δrb12a
tub1-724 (1)NoNo
tub1-728 (1)NoNo
tub1-738 (1)NoNo
tub1-759 (1)NoNo
tub1-714 (2)YesYes
tub1-727 (3)YesYes
tub1-730 (2)YesYes
tub1-746 (3)YesYes
  • Double mutant cells (Δrb12, Δpac10) were transformed with a series of LEU2 plasmids bearing wild-type and mutated versions of the α-tubulin gene. The α-tubulin genes are listed by allele number, followed by their original classification in parentheses (Schatz et al. 1988; see text). The ability of each allele to suppress the synthetic lethal interaction was tested by growing at 15° on 5-FOA plates (see Figure 1). The interaction of those mutants with Δrbl2 previously described by Archer et al. (1995) is shown in the third column.

  • a Archer et al. (1995).