Plasmids and strains

JAY551MATα Δrb12 ura3 leu2 his3 ade2 (pA21A)Archer (1996)
FSY183MATa ura3 leu2 his3 lys2Katz et al. (1990)
DBY2282MATα ura3 leu2 his3 lys2 trpl TUB1-LEU2-TUB1Schatz et al. (1986a)
FSY185MATα/MATa ura3/ura3 leu2/leu2 his3/his3 lys2/lys2 ade2/ADE2Katz et al. (1990)
JAY47MATα/MATa ura3/ura3 leu2/leu2 his3/his3 lys2/lys2 ade2/ADE2 TUB2/TUB2-LEU2-GAL TUB2Archer et al. (1995)
PAY1MATα Δrb12 rks2-1 ura3 leu2 his3 ade2 (pA21A)This article
PAY3MATα Δrbl2 rks2-1 ura3 leu2 his3 ade2 (pJA33)This article
PAY60MATa ura3 leu2 his3 lys2 trp1 TUB1-LEU2-TUB1This article
PAY169MATa pac10:HIS3 ura3 leu2 his3This article
PAY175MATa pac2::HIS3 ura3 leu2 his3This article
PAY223MATα/MATa rks2-1/pac10::HIS3 ura3/ura3 his3/his3 leu2/leu2 (pA21A)This article
PAY231MATa pac10::HIS3 ura3 leu2 his3 TUB2-LEU2-TUB2This article
PAY232MATa ura3 leu2 his3 TUB2-LEU2-TUB2This article
JAY528MATα rbl2::URA3 ura3 leu2 his3 lys2Archer (1996)
PAY170MATα pac10:HIS3 ura3 leu2 his3This article
JFY209MATa cin1:URA3 ura3 leu2 his3This article
pA21ARBL2 URA3 CENArcher et al. (1995)
pRB539TUB1 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1986a)
pJA33RBL2 HIS3 CENArcher (1996)
pDK44TUB1 LYS2 CENKirkpatrick and Solomon (1994)
pRB624tub1-724 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB628tub1-728 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB638tub1-738 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB659tub1-759 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB614tub1-714 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB627tub1-727 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB630tub1-730 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pRB646tub1-746 LEU2 CENSchatz et al. (1988)
pPA1,2,3URA3 CEN library plasmids containing PAC10This article
pPA10pGEM pac10::HIS3This article
pPA12pGEM pac2::HIS3This article
pPA23GAL-PAC10 URA3 CENThis article
pPA36PAC10 URA3 CENThis article
pPA45GAL-PAC2 URA3 CENThis article
pPA46TUB3-CEN-URA3This article