Comparison of the known recognition sequences of plant Mybs

NameRecognition sequenceFunctionReference
Vertebrate Myb[T/C]AACTGGProliferation of hematopoietic cellsLuscher and Eisenman (1990)
Barley GAMYBTAACAAAAGA-induced gene regulationG├╝bler et al. (1995)
Maize P-MybCC[T/A]ACCFlavanoid biosynthesisGrotewold et al. (1994)
Maize C1TAACTGAnthocyanin biosynthesisRoth et al. (1991)
Petunia Myb.Ph3TAAC[GC]GTTATAACTAACTFlavanoid biosynthesisSolano et al. (1995)
Antirrhinum Myb305CCTACCPhenylpropanoid biosynthesisSablowski et al. (1994)
Potato Myb St1TATCCFunction unknown; root-specific expressionBaranowskij et al. (1994)
Arabidopsis CCA1AA[A/C]AATCTLight/phytochrome-induced gene expressionWang et al. (1997)
Arabidopsis AtMYB2AAACCAStress-induced gene regulationThis work