List of breakpoints of rearrangements that reduce trans-suppression in Fab-7/AbdD16 males

TSR-XszFab-7Cytology in the critical regionEffect on trans-suppressionNote
TSR-1Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)2R heterochromatin; 89B+++
TSR-2Sz,Fab-7heterochromatin (?); 87B++
TSR-3Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)2R heterochromatin, 87F-88A++
TSR-4Sz,Fab-7In(3R)heterochromatin; 90E-F+++
TSR-5Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)26A; 3R heterochromatin++
TSR-6Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)28E; 87B8,9++
TSR-7Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)59B-C; 81F++
TSR-8Sz,Fab-7In(2R)81F; 88B++
TSR-9Sz,Fab-7T(2;3)58F; 3R heterochromatin++homozygous viable
TSR-10Sz,Fab-7In(3LR)62B; 81F++homozygous viable
TSR-11Sz,Fab-7T(Y; 3R)87B+
TSR-12Sz,Fab-7In(3LR)79E-80B; 89E+++iab-4
  • Additional rearrangements outside of the critical region are present in TSRSz−1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 12, only the relevant breakpoints are listed. +++, strong effect; ++, moderate effect; +, weak effect.