Features of A. thaliana Ty3/gypsy retrotransposonsa

InsertionGenusTotal sizeLTR size (5′,3′)% LTR IdentityTSDPBSPPTgag/RT/IN/env-like ORF
AthilabE10,5051539, 155299.8TTACGAsp++/−/−/+
Athila1-1E~12,000>1324, >1331~99Asp+/+/+/+
Athila1-2E7,5591386, 141998.3CGGGTAsp++/−/−/−
Athila2-1E11,2971744, 175295.6Asp++/−/−/+
Athila3-1E~8,100>1200, >1200~95+−/−/−/+
Tat1-1E~4,034432, ~432~98NDAsn++/−/−/−
Tat1-2E3,879433, 43399.5TATGTAsn++/−/−/−
Tat4-1E11,898453, 45296.5GTGAAArg++/+/+/−
Tma1-1cM7,8011164, 115896.2ATATCi-Met++/+/+/−
Tma2-1M8,4291161, 148890.1AAATi-Met++/+/+/−
Tma3-1M7,7681155, 105493.8CAAAGi-Met++/+/+/−
Tma4-1M~4,550>1200, >1200~97+−/−/+/−
  • a Features that could not be identified from the DNA sequences, likely due to sequence degeneracy or deletion, are indicated by (—); ND, not determined due to lack of data; TSD, target site duplication; PBS, primer binding site; PPT, polypurine tract; M, metavirus; E, errantivirus.

  • b Features are for Athila accession X81801, with the exception of the TSD, which is for the insertion λH3 (Pelissier et al. 1995).

  • c Tma = T, transposon; m, metavirus; a, A. thaliana; Tma2-1 is from BAC IG007N22 and Tma4-1 is from ESSA contig 7 (Accession number Z97342, bases 76,621–82,535).