Escherichia coli K-12 strains

StrainGenotypeSource or derivation
A. Strains related to BT199a
BT199F λ thi-1 D (gpt-proA) 62 thr-1 leuB6 kdgK51 rfbDl ara-14 lacYl galK2 xyl-5 mtl-1 tsx-33 supE44 rpsL31 rac.W. Wackernagel
HR839+ ΔxonA300::cat argE3 hisG4(Razavy et al. 1996)
JC12123+ recJ284::Tn10 argE3 hisG4(Lovett and Clark 1984)
RDK1445+ zgb-224::Tn10 serA6 argE3 hisG4R. Kolodner
STL113+ recJ2052::Tn10kan argE3 hisG4Ser+ Kmr Tcs transductant P1 STL125 × RDK1445
STL125+ recJ2052::Tn10kan recD1013 argE3 hisG4This studya
STL1526+ uvrD254::Tn5 argE3 hisG4(Lovett and Sutera 1995)
STL2331+ recJ284::Tn10Tcr transductant P1 JC12123 × BT199
STL2347+ Δ(xseAguaB) zff-3139::Tn10kanKmr transductant P1 WF3121 × BT199
STL2348+ Δ(xseAguaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan recJ284::Tn10Kmr transductant P1 STL2347 × STL2331
STL2694+ ΔxonA300::catCmr transductant P1 HR839 × BT199
STL2700+ Δ(xseAguaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan recJ284::Tn10 ΔxonA300::catCmr transductant P1 STL2694 × STL2348
STL2729+ ΔxonA300::cat recJ284::Tn10Cmr transductant P1 STL2694 × STL2331
STL2758+ ΔxonA300::cat Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kanCmr transductant P1 STL2694 × STL2347
STL2935+ ΔxonA300::cat Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan serA6 zgb-224::Tn10Tcr Ser transductant P1 RDK1445 × STL2758
STL2971+ ΔxonA300::cat Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan recJ2052::Tn10kanSer+ transductant P1 STL113 × STL2935
STL773+ mutS201::Tn5 argE3 hisG4R. Kolodner
STL3185+ cysC95::Tn10 ΔxonA300::cat Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kanTcr transductant P1 CAG12173 × STL2758
STL3187+ mutS201::Tn5DxonA300::cat Δ(xseAguaB) zff-3139::Tn10kanCys+ Mut transductant P1 STL773 × STL3185
STL3240+ mutS201::Tn5Knr transductant P1 STL773 × BT199
STL3629+ gpt+ pro+Pro+ transductant P1 CAG18427 × BT199
STL3675+ proC::Tn5kan zah-281::Tn10Tcr Pro transductant P1 ER2562 × STL3629
STL3677+ Δ (lacI-200lacA)Pro+TcsLac transductant P1 ER2580 × STL3613
STL3678+ proAB81::Tn10Tcr transductant P1 CAG18447 × STL3677
STL3679-STL3689+ F′ lacIZ proAB+STL3678 Pro+ Smr recipient of F′ from CC101-111b
STL3478+gpt+ pro+ DxonA300::cat Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan recJ2052::Tn10kan rac.Pro+ transductant P1 CAG18427 × STL2971
STL3613+ proC::Tn5kan zah281::Tn10Tcr Pro transductant P1 ER2562 × STL3478
STL3614+ Δ (lacI-200lacA)Pro+TcsLac transductant P1 ER2580 × STL3613
STL3616+ proAB81::Tn10Tcr transductant P1 CAG18447 × STL3614
STL3618-STL2628+ F′ lacIZ proAB+STL3678 Pro+ Smr recipient of F′ from CC101-111b
B. Other
CC101-CC111F′ lacIZ proAB+ ara Δ(lacproB)X111(Cupples et al. 1990)
ER2562Fλ proC::Tn5 zah-281::Tn10 IN(rrnD-rrnE) rph-1E.Raleigh
ER2580F+λ Δ (lacI-200lacA)E.Raleigh
JC158Hfr PO1 thr-1 serA6 relA1 lacI22(Clark 1963)
JC11033Hfr PO1 pML2 thi1 serA6 relA1 JacI22(Lovett 1983)
WF3121Δ(xseA-guaB) zff-3139::Tn10kan uvrA6D(lacpro) XIII galK2 rpsL kcI ind-J.Hayes
  • a STL125 is a recombinant of RDK1792 (recD1013, Lovett et al. 1988) with transformed plasmid pRDK162 cleaved with PstI, Sa1I, and EcoRI. pRDK162 is a Tn10kan insertion mutant of plasmid pJC763 (Lovett and Clark 1985) isolated as described (Way et al. 1988) with λNK1105 provided by N.Kleckner. The transposon insertion point in recJ2052::Tn10kan is coincident with the insertion point of recJ284::Tn10 481 bp downstream from the GTG start of the recJ coding sequence.

  • b Strains STL3618-STL3628 and STL3679-STL3689 are derivatives of the strains STL3616 and STL3678, respectively, carrying an F′ lacIZ proAB+ episome introduced by mating with donor strains CC101-CC111, selecting Pro+ Smr. Each strain carries a different mutation in LacZ, described in Table 3 (see also Cupples et al. 1990).