Mutations in Evelknievel-containing CMT1 alleles and Care-4

Ecotype or species
348CGGACG→GGIn intron 2
1076AGGGG→AAla→Thrin No-0 CMT1 exon 5
2863GGG insertIn intron 11
3486CGCCCG→GGAsp→His in Ler Evel ORF
4568GGAGCAA→TAASer→Leu in RLD Evel ORF
6157TCTCCTG→TTGSilent in No Evel ORF
6618CTCCCAG→TAGAsp→Asn in Ler Evel ORF
7479TCCCCG→TGVal→Ile in No Evel ORF
8123CCACCT→ATIn intron 14
  • a Based on coordinates of CMT1::Evelknievel in No-0, where position 1 is the A of the CMT1 translation initiation codon.