Mendelian inheritance of 10 randomly picked AFLP loci

Locus (zygosity)No. indiv. scoredBand present (expected)Band present (observed)Band absent (expected)Band absent (observed)Σχ2P >
1 (homo)5843.54214.5160.210.90
2 (homo)5843.54914.592.700.10
3 (homo)5843.54514.5130.200.90
4 (homo)5829.02529.0331.100.25
5 (homo)5944.34614.8140.050.75
6 (hetero)5929.52629.5330.840.25
7 (homo)5843.54014.5181.120.25
8 (homo)5843.54314.5150.020.75
9 (homo)5239.04213.0100.920.25
10 (homo)5239.03813.0140.090.75
  • Ten AFLP loci were randomly picked and their segregation analyzed in both the F1 and F2 mapping populations. Results from the F1 population revealed zygosity. F2 individuals were scored for these loci and marker segregation analyzed by a χ2 test for goodness of fit.