Fertility of males carrying Xh deletion and a Y-autosome translocation with and without rDNA repeats

T(Y;A) (breakpoint)rDNA insertionNo. of malesPercent fertileFertility
B177 (YL;41)None4700
H158 (Xhy+;58D)None5200
P59 (Xhy+;59B)None3930.80.38
H143 (BSXh;h14;59F)None5813.80.15
B80 (Xhy+ ;h21;60F)None4400
B240 (Xhy+;94B)None502.00.02
H173 (Xhy+ ;95E)None6410.90.20
H163 (YL;98B)None6214.50.31
R133 (BSXh;99E)None4900
  • All males carried Df(1)X-1. [rib7] is [rib7](1A1-4); [rib7] × 2 is [rib7](1A) × 2. Males were crossed singly with two y w females. Fertility is the number of progeny per male (counting both fertile and sterile males).