Estimated effects of the 5′ first and 3′ last unit on the level of heteroplasmy

ParameteraType III Wald testbParameter estimatesc
First unit × last imperfect unit First A-last GCd0.0720.82 ± 0.46
First unit × homo/heteroplasmy0.091
First A-heteroplastic Last imperfect unit × homo/heteroplasmy0.0230.73 ± 0.43
Last GC-heteroplastic1.05 ± 0.46
  • a The estimates were obtained from the log linear analysis of the model: ln (observed number of individuals) = first unit + last imperfect unit + homo/heteroplasmy + first unit × last imperfect unit + first unit × homo/heteroplasmy + last imperfect unit × homo/heteroplasmy. Only nonzero values are included.

  • b P-values from the type III (Wald) test for each parameter.

  • c Parameter estimates with standard deviation.

  • d A-type first repeat and GC-type last repeat.