Predicted genotypes and phenotypes resulting from crosses of triploid females with PSR and non-PSR males

Haploid eggsDiploid eggs
Unfertilized♂; oy (oyster)♂; st (scarlet)♂; st/st (scarlet)♂; st +/+ oy (wild type)
st sperm♀; st +/ + oy (wild type)♀; st/st (scarlet)♀; st/st/st (scarlet)♀; st +/+ oy/st + (wild type)
st;PSR sperm♂; oy/PSR (oyster; PSR)♂; st;PSR (scarlet; PSR)♂; st/st;PSR (scarlet; PSR)♂; st +/+ oy;PSR (wild type; PSR)
  • Rows are categorized by the possible sperm types that were introduced into eggs in control and test crosses (including unfertilized embryos). Columns are divided by the possible viable genotypes that can be produced by triploid females (st + / + oy/st +). The sex, genotype and phenotype (in parentheses) are indicated for the resulting individuals. These predicted sex and genotypes are based on several assumptions discussed in both the text and appendix.