Non-PSR broods resulting from F1 crosses with triploid females

Sex: phenotypeControlTestPossible genotype(s)Percent observedPercent expected
♂ wild-type103st +/+ oy4.68.3
scarlet4115st or st/st19.718.8
scarlet8329st/st or st/st/st39.338.1
♀ wild-type7516st +/+ oy or st +/+ oy/st +31.928.9
Total progeny (F2)21966
Number of broods298
  • Broods resulting from F1 crosses of triploid females (st +/+ oy/st +) with haploid non-PSR males (st) are categorized by their sex and eye color phenotypes. These broods include the 29 control crosses of non-PSR males and the eight test crosses determined not to harbor PSR. The genotypes of these phenotypic categories are also shown. In some cases (i.e., scarlet males and all females), multiple genotypes may be represented by these phenotypic categories. Each phenotype is also expressed as a percentage of the total progeny (combining non-PSR males from both test and control crosses). These percentages are compared with the percentages predicted by the model. These predictions use values of m = 40%, d = 40% and f = 67% (see appendix). A comparison of the observed vs. the expected proportions yielded: x2 = 2.40, df = 4, P > 0.66.