Determination of the presence and functionality of PSR

Crosses with diploid femaleCrosses with triploid female
Brood numberBrood sex ratio (%)Brood numberBrood sex ratio (%)F1 male genotype
PSR test crosses5No progeny1266.7 0.0Not used in study
2No progeny
340.0 ± 0.0270.0st;PSR
7No progeny
25.2 ± 5.720.0st;PSR
984.6 ± 9.1868.2st
1No progeny
Non-PSR control crosses2672.1st
21No progeny
  • Fifty PSR test crosses and 50 non-PSR control crosses are categorized based on their resulting broods. The number of broods and brood sex ratio (percent daughters) are shown for each brood category. In diploid crosses, the brood sex ratio is calculated as the average and standard deviation observed in separate broods. Because of the small brood sizes, sex ratio in triploid crosses is expressed as the total females/total brood (all broods combined). Males in the PSR test crosses were crossed with both diploid and triploid females. Males in non-PSR control crosses were crossed only to triploid females.