PZ enhancer-trap insertions into or near to Drosophila genes or elements

LineGene or elementReferenceInsertion siteOrientationaExpression stage; cellsbLethal phasec
1(2)3909CalmodulinDoyle et al. 199060 bp 5′ to transcription start site+All; LC+MCPh+A
1(2)6353DC0 (PKA)Kalderon and Rubin 1988After position 71 of 5′ untranslated region+All; LC2nd/3rd
1(2)1275EF-1α F1Hovemann et al. 198830 bp 5′ to transcription start siteAll; LC3rd
1(2)452466.5-kD proteinWilson et al. 1994445 bp 3′ to poly A site+All; AllPh+A
1(3)3540tramtrackGiesen et al. 1997First intron+All; LCEn
1(3)6015couch potatoBellen et al. 199237 bp 5′ to transcription start siteAll; AllEd
1(2)2278expandedBoedigheimer and Laughon 1993NDeNDAll; LC+MCPu
1(2)40121360 elementKholodilov et al. 1987Within 1360 elementNAfAll; LCA
1(2)6072V-ATPase C subunitVan Hille et al.19935′ to coding sequence2nd-3rd; MC3rd
  • a Orientation of PZ element relative to endogenous gene; +, lacZ reporter and endogenous genes transcribed in opposite directions.

  • b Stage at which ring gland shows expression; LC, lateral secretory cells; MC, medial secretory cells.

  • c E, embryonic; 2nd, 3rd, larval instars; Pu, pupa; Ph, pharate adult; A, adult.

  • d From published descriptions of amorphic allele homozygotes.

  • e Not determined.

  • f Not applicable.