Comparison of the general model with the polynomial approximations for the power of detection of the QTL (βft), QTL × E interaction (βet), and the accuracy of QTL location (L)

βft (%)(H1|H0)βet (%)(H2|H1)
MA160.6 ± 0.7498907439685631
MA261.0 ± 0.5999989249895842
MA359.8 ± 0.491009997510099943
MG61.1 ± 0.68999890119997839
ME360.9 ± 1.448363402
  • MA1, MA2, and MA3 are the approximated models based on polynomials of first, second, and third degree, respectively, for the target QTL effect. Situation S3 (see Table 1) is considered. The results are compared to the best single-environment model (ME3, for data from the environment 3 where the effect of the target QTL is the largest one).