Estimating h by Mukai's approach is not influenced by different distributions of the number of loci with dominant or overdominant mutations per genome

DistributionsEmbedded Image dominance (h = 0.36, s = 0.03)Embedded Image overdominance (h = −0.2, s = 0.03)
Poisson0.357 (0.000)−0.196 (0.000)
Uniform0.357 (0.000)−0.196 (0.000)
Exponential0.357 (0.000)−0.196 (0.000)
Normal0.357 (0.000)−0.196 (0.000)
  • The simulations are performed under constant mutation effects. In simulations, the means of the Poisson, exponential, and normal distributions are all 25, the variance for the normal distributions is 25, the range of the uniform distribution is from 0 to 25. Simulations are also performed for a range of other parameters, and results not shown here indicate similar conclusions.