Inferences about the structure of the Adp forms of Ste4p based on analogy to mammalian G proteins

Ste4p residueAnalogous position in transducin βγ crystalaAdp allele/type of substitutionAnalogous residue in TpInteracting residues in TacPutative interacting residues in GpalpType of interaction with αcInteracting residues in phosducindType of interaction with phosducind
F115Loop between second and third strand of blade 1F115S/nonconservativebK78L19 D22L31 E34van der Waals, ionic
L138Beginning of first strand, blade 2L138F/conservativebMlOlH209H232van der Waals126van der Waals
A405End of loop between first and second strand, blade 7A405V/conservativeA3 26
G409End of second strand, blade 7G409D/conservativeG330
S410Loop between second and third strands, blade 7S410L/nonconservativeS331
W411Loop between second and third strands, blade 7W411L, W411S/conservativeW332H209H232van der WaalsMlOl H102 L105van der Walls
  • a Sondek et al. (1996).

  • b Determined according to Schwartz and Dayhoff (1979); a substitution is deemed conservative if the Dayhoff value is ≥0.4.

  • c Lambright et al. (1996).

  • d Gaudet et al. (1996).