Approximate (posterior) probability Embedded Image that a given chromosomal area I contains at least one QTL calculated for different areas I

ILength (I)Embedded Image Embedded Image
Complete data
Chromosome 1[21 cM, 28 cM]7 cM0.630.9901
Chromosome 2[ 4 cM, 10 cM]6 cM0.630.9940
Chromosome 2[53 cM, 68 cM]15 cM0.641.0148
Chromosome 3[ 0 cM, 37 cM]37 cM0.550.8093
Incomplete data
Chromosome 1[21 cM, 30 cM]9 cM0.641.0106
Chromosome 2[ 3 cM, 11 cM]8 cM0.630.9960
Chromosome 2[52 cM, 68 cM]16 cM0.631.0019
Chromosome 3[12 cM, 48 cM]36 cM0.570.8434
  • The (posterior) expected number of QTLs in I, calculated as the integral of the QTL intensity over I is also determined.