Ranges of the proposal distributions R(.), proposal probabilities, numbers of iterations, and background control markers (BGCs) from other chromosomes, used in the simulation analyses

R(1q)R(a)R(σ2)R(bqj)R(ckj)Pa = PdIterationsBGCs
Complete data
Chromosome 11.0 cM0.,0002
Chromosome 21.0 cM0.,0000,1,6
Chromosome 32.0 cM0.,000,0002
Incomplete data
Chromosome 11.0 cM0.,0002,3
Chromosome 21.0 cM0.,0001,6
Chromosome 32.0 cM0.,500,0003
  • Notation is as follows: R(1q) is the range of proposals for the QTL location parameters, R(a) for the regression mean, R2) for the residual variance, R(bqj) for the regression coefficients of the QTL genotypes, and R(ckj) for the regression coefficients of the background control genotypes.