Sequence alterations in his1 mutants and the source of the mutations

Korch and Snow (1973) name of mutant allelesRenamed by base position and mutationaSourcebChange
his1-49his1-159-196(del 37)spont.deletion
his1-1F = his1-39his1-208 (AT)UVlys → stop(TAA)
his1-54his1-221 (GA)NAgly → asp
his1-1Shis1-364 (AT)UVile → phe
his1-62his1-374 (GA)ser → asn
his1-19his1-434 (delAAG)EMSframeshift
his1-42tshis1-499 (GA)EMSala → thr
his1-30his1-652 (GA)EMSgly → met
his1-51his1-653 (GA)NAgly → asp
his1-48, his1-65his1-683 (GA)EMS, NAcys → tyr
his1-7F = his1-3his1-798 (GA)UVmet → ile
his1-11his1-818 (GA)gly → asp
his1-315his1-887 (GA)UVarg → his
  • a The mutations are renamed for their base sequence using a slight variation of the system being devised for the human genome (Glickman 1997).

  • b spont., spontaneous; UV, ultraviolet radiation; NA, nitrous acid; EMS, ethyl methanesulfonate.