Classes of> shy mutations

shy2-2Leaves curl upwardSemi-Dshy2-1
shy2-3Leaves curl upwardSemi-Dshy2-2
amp1-4Extra leaf productionramp/pt
shy-115Brassinosteroid-deficient dwarfr
shy-802Brassinosteroid-deficient dwarfrc
pom1-14Crooked hypocotyl in darkSemi-Dpom1-7
pom1-15Crooked hypocotyl in darkrpom1-14
bot1-5Short, round tissuesrbotero1-1
shy3-1Quantitative changesSemi-D
shy4-1Quantitative changesrshy4-2
shy4-2Quantitative changesrshy4-1
shy5-1Quantitative changesr
shy6-1Quantitative changesr
  • a Dominance, semidominance, or recessiveness for hypocotyl length in red light (Table 2).

  • b Indicated are mutations found to be allelic to shy mutations on the basis of complementation and mapping data (see text). In addition, we have recently obtained DNA sequence evidence that the partially dominant mutations shy2-1, shy2-2, and shy2-3 each have a mutation in the SHY2gene (Q. Tian and J. W. Reed, unpublished result).

  • c Although we did not analyze the dominance or recessiveness of shy-802 quantitatively (Table 2), observation of F1 seed of a backcross indicated that the dwarf phenotype was substantially if not completely recessive (data not shown).