Strains used in this study

StrainDescription or genotypeSource
N. crassa
74-OR23-1Amating type AFGSC
ORS6amating type aFGSC
FGSC7023a; fld, delayed conidiationFGSC
FGSC5511a; pe, flFGSC
WC1Δrca-1 transformantThis study
WC11-WC15Δrca-1 progeny of WC1 × ORS6aThis study
DE41-DE45pe, fl; Δrca-1 progency of WC1 × FGSC5511This study
DE46-DE50pe, fl; Δrca-1 progeny of WC1 × FGSC5511This study
WC21Δrca-1; fld progeny of WC1 × fldThis study
A. nidulans
FGSC237pabaA1, yA2; trpC801, veA1FGSC
TJW29.2pabaA1, yΔ2; trpC::alcA(p)::flbD, veA1Wieser and Adams (1995)
RBN070biA1; argB2; flbD14, veA1Wieser et al. (1994)
RJW150yA1, pabaA1, flbA 100; argB2; veA1This study
TWC41pabaA1, yA2; trpC::alcA(p) ::rca-1, veA1This study
TWC3.1biA1; flbD14, veA1; rca-1This study
TX15:E2biA1; flbD14, veA1; rca-1This study
  • FGSC, Fungal Genetics Stock Center.