QTL analyses for honey bee body size

Worker wing lengthbDrone wing lengthc
Linkage groupMarker cofactoraSingle QTL model LOD scoredPermutation P valueeMQM mapping LOD scorefSingle QTL model LOD scorePermutation P valueMQM mapping LOD score
  • LOD scores for wing length of haploid drones (males) from a hybrid European/Africanized queen, as well as the average wing length of their diploid worker progeny.

  • a The RAPD or sequence-tagged-site (sts) marker used as a cofactor in the restricted multiple QTL model, or MQM feature, of MapQTL.

  • b Analyses based on average measurement of wings from ten backcross workers.

  • c Analyses based on measurement of wings of haploid fathers of backcross workers.

  • d Results from single QTL model interval mapping.

  • e Results from permuting data set 1000 times with simple interval mapping (experimentwise P value). The QTL for worker wing size on group I exceeded the threshold for the permutation with the results of MQM mapping, but permutations were done with simple interval mapping. Therefore, we are uncertain of the true experimentwise P value.

  • f Results from multiple QTL model interval mapping.