Results of QTL analyses for honey bee colony defensive behavior

Stings in the patchOther behavioral traits
Linkage groupMarker cofactoraSingle QTL model LOD scorebPermutation P valuecMQM mapping LOD scoredK-W rank test for stingingeK-W rank test for flyingK-W rank test for hanging
  • LOD scores are reported for quantitative data on numbers of stings per minute in a target for each colony. The colonies were fathered by haploid drones from a European/Africanized F1 queen.

  • a The RAPD or sequence-tagged-site (sts) marker used as a cofactor in the restricted multiple QTL model, or MQM feature, of MapQTL.

  • b Results from single QTL model interval mapping.

  • c Results from permuting data set 1000 times (experimentwise P value).

  • d Results of multiple QTL model interval mapping.

  • e Results of Kruskal-Wallis rank test at the marker for score of colony behavior during hive manipulations.

  • f NS, not significant at P = 0.05.