daf-2 reduced brood size and lethality is suppressed by daf-16

GenotypePhenotype at 25°Total number of progeny laida% Progeny arrest/lethalNumber of parents
+/+Nondauer256 ± 15.6014
daf-2(e1370)Dauer44 ± 7.315.421
daf-2(e1391)Dauer32 ± 5.210.513
daf-16(m27)Nondauer202 ± 6.706
daf-16(m27); daf-2(e1370)Nondauer189 ± 15.80.18
daf-16(m27); daf-2(e1391)Nondauerb155 ± 15.6010
daf-16(m27); age-1(mg44)bNondauer183 ± 21.80.16
  • For each worm, the total number of eggs laid were counted (including dauers, nondauers, arrested larvae and dead eggs) and averaged to obtain the total progeny after upshift. The % arrest/dead eggs was measured and the total number of animals that arrested or died was divided by the total number of progeny, as in Hengartner et al. (1992).

  • a Values are mean ± SE.

  • b 34% of the daf16(m27); daf-2(e1391) animals arrested as dauers and dauer-like animals after 3 days at 25°. Most of the dauers failed to maintain dauer by the following day.