Three factor map of age-1(hx546)

Genotype of heterozygoteRecombinant phenotypeRecombinant genotypeMaternally complements age-1(m333)aLife spanage-1 position
age-1/unc-4 sqt-1Unc non-Sqtunc(−) sqt(+) age(hx546)NoLongRight of unc-4
Sqt non-Uncunc(+) sqt(−) age(+)YesShortRight of sqt-1
age-1/sqt-1 lin-29Sqt non-Linsqt(+) age(+) lin(+)YesShortLeft of lin-29
Sqt non-Linbsqt(+) age(hx546) Jin(+)NoLongBetween sqt-1 and lin-29
Lin non-Sqtbsqt(+) age(hx546) lin(−)No
Lin non-Sqtbsqt(+) age(+) lin(−)YesBetween sqt-1 and lin-29
  • age-1(hx546) was mapped in the unc-4(e120) sqt-1(sc13) interval as described in materials and methods. Recombinants were tested for complementation of age-1(m333) for the Sqt-non-Uncs and of age-1(mg44) for the Unc-non-Sqts as described in materials and methods. 3/3 Sqt-non-Age by complementation test were also short-lived, with mean life spans of 9.7 ± 0.7 (n = 25), 9.7 ± 0.4 (n = 31), and 8.1 ± 0.4 days (n = 29). 1/1 Unc-non-Sqt failed to complement age-1(mg44) and was long-lived with a mean life span of 18.5 ± 1.8 days (n = 21). Animals with mutations in either sqt-1(sc13) or unc-4(e120) lived similar to wild-type with a mean life span of 11.4 ± 0.4 (n = 34) and 10.8 ± 1.3 days (n = 13), respectively. All values are mean ± SE.

  • a Some recombinants were tested for complementation with age-1(mg44) as outlined in materials and methods.

  • b Some of this data was previously published in Morris et al. (1996).

  • age-1(hx546) lacks material age-1 activity but does have zygotic age-1 activity. Mating age-1(hx546) males into age-1(mg44) hermaphrodites, the cross-progeny age-1(hx546)/age-1(mg44) develop as nondauers. Therefore, age-1(hx546) provides sufficient zygotic age-1 activity to allow the animals to develop as nondauers, because the unmated age-1(mg44)/age-1(mg44) hermaphrodites would produce a brood of all nondauers. However, in the next generation, after self-fertilization, the age-1(mg44) homozygous progeny of this age-1(hx546)/age-1(mg44) heterozygote will arrest as dauers. Therefore, age-1(hx546) fails to supply maternal age-1 activity but does supply zygotic activity (Morris et al. 1996). Recombinants were analyzed in this complementation test.