Period Estimates and the Percentage of Rhythmic Flies for Different tim Transgenic Lines

Transgenic lineNumber rhythmicNumber arrhythmicPercent rhythmicAverage periodRange
Tim 1-1507440.337.9 ± 3.230.5–45.0
Tim 1-7205427.036.8 ± 3.133.5–47.0
Tim 1-13214437.538.0 ± 3.732.5–48.0
Tim 1-612336.5
Tim 4-1301173.223.7 ± 0.5823.0–24.5
Tim 4-6261072.223.4 ± 0.7422.5–25.5
Wild typea611378.723.6 ± 0.5223.0–25.0
  • Locomotor activity data were obtained in constant darkness for flies from each Tim 1 and Tim 4 line (see text and Figure 4). Period analysis was done as described in Figure 4B. The number of flies that were rhythmic (and arrhythmic) for each line is shown, as well as the percentage of flies that were rhythmic. The average period (±SD) for rhythmic flies and the range in period are given in hours.

  • a Wild type indicates flies carrying a wild-type copy of the tim gene (CyO/tim01 siblings or ywflies; see materials and methods).