Summary of effects of Pc-G mutations on yellow expression in Class II lines

Pc-G mutation
PRE-construct lineNoneAsxXT129Pc3Pcl5PscIIN48SceD1ScmD1
PRE 2-9 M21111121
PRE 6-43334344
PRE 6-691.
PRE 6-69 M111111.512
PRE 6-69 M22222323
PRE 6-69 M31121223
PRE 6-69 M711.511111
PRE 6-69 M101111311
SUP or P5555555
  • The level of variegation is based on a 5-point scale, with 1 corresponding to a lack of pigmentation and 5 to no variegation. Numbers in bold represent a suppressed phenotype.