Yeast strains used in this study

JK9-3daMATa leu2-3, 112 trpl ura3 rmel his4 HMLa1
MH346-1aJK9-3da ade2 tor2::ADE2/pSEY18::TOR21
NB4-6aMH346-1a his3 HIS4 tor1::HIS3/pSEY18:: TOR22
SH100JK9-3da ade2 tor2::ADE2/YCplac111:: TOR23
SH200JK9-3da ade2 his3 HIS4 tor1::HIS3 tor2::ADE2/YCplac111:: TOR23
SH1xJK9-3da ade2 tor2::ADE2/YCplac111::tor2-x (x = allele number)3
SH2xJK9-3da ade2 his3 HIS4 tor1::HIS3 tor2::ADE2/YCplac111::tor2-x (x = allele number)3
MH349-3dJK9-3da tor1::LEU2-44
  • References: 1, Kunz et al. (1993); 2, Barbet et al. (1996); 3, this study; 4, Helliwell et al. (1994). See Table 2 for complete list of SH1x and SH2x strains.