Phylogenetic ranks, mean observed proportion of heterozygous loci (He), average gene diversity H, and linear correlation coefficients (r) between the coefficient of exchange and gene diversity h in Aegilops species

SpeciesNo. accessionsNo. lociPhylogenetic rankHeHar
Ae. searsii144330.010.14a0.40 (P < 0.01)
Ae. bicornis134340.000.27b0.66 (P < 0.01)
Ae. tauschii1655110.010.27b0.34 (P < 0.01)
Ae. longissima134250.030.39c0.59 (P < 0.01)
Ae. sharonensis54050.060.49d0.55 (P < 0.01)
Ae. speltoides573920.260.72e0.26 (P < 0.12)
  • a Values sharing a common letter are not significantly different at the 5% probability level (Tukey’s test).