Sources and geographic origins of Aegilops accessions used in this study

SpeciesNo. accessionsLocationAccessions
Ae. bicornis7EgyptG1420, G1420-1, G1420-2, G1421, G1423, G1425, G1426, G1427
3IsraelG594, TB8, TB11
3UnknownG944, G756, TB2
Ae. longissima13IsraelG609, G1303, G1305, G1307, TL1, TL2, TL3, TL4, TL12, TL14, TL15, TL19, TL24
Ae. searsii12IsraelG3068, G3525, TE5, TE7, TE8, TE10, TE20, TE21, TE22, TE23, TE24, TE25
2SyriaG1418, G1419
Ae. sharonensis5IsraelG614, G1315, G1321, TH4, TH12
Ae. speltoides34TurkeyD, F, G, H6, H9, G410, G711, G978, G1039, G1045, G1049, G1050, G1062, G1064, G1066, G1075, G1083, G1089, G1158, G1168, G1171, G1176, G1180, G1181, G1405, G1408, G1819, G1864, G1909, G1971, G1972, G2011, G2294, G1819
7IsraelG619, G1271, G1316, pop250, TS5, TS8, TS42
3SyriaSan-1, San-2, San-3, G2148
4IraqG722, G724, G2502, G2815
9UnknownG733, G762, G768, G852, G859, G861, G942, G943, G3071
Ae. tauschii15AfghanistanKU20-4, KU2013, KU2022, KU2032, KU2035, KU2039, KU2044, KU2047, KU2048, KU2050, KU2056, KU2058, KU2059, KU2063, KU2066
37ArmeniaAL11/80(4), AL7/80(4), AL8/78(3), AL9/78(9), KU2808, KU2810, KU2811, KU2814, KU2816, KU2821, KU2823, KU2824, TA2572, TA2573
6AzerbaijanAL46/77(2), K1574/72(2), KU2804, KU2806
12China82-Ae5, 82-Ae42, 82-Ae46, AS71, AS72, AS75, AS76, AS77, AS78, AS79, AS80, AS81, AS82
7GeorgiaKU2826, KU2827, KU2828, KU2832, TA2580, KU289B, KU2835B
58IranAL370/77, RL5288-1, RL5288-2, TA2375, TA2376, TA2377, TA2378, KU2118, KU2145, KU2151, KU2159, KU2161, KU2123, KU2087, KU2088, KU2091, KU2095, KU2124, KU2115, KU2110, KU2111, KU2112, KU2122, KU2074, KU2076, KU2078, KU2079, KU2088, KU2090, KU2092, KU2093, KU2095, KU2096, KU2097, KU2098, KU2125, KU2126, KU2113, KU2114, KU2100, KU2101, KU2102, KU2103, KU2104, KU2105, KU2106, KU2108, KU2158, KU2160, KU2068, KU2069, KU2071, KU2086, KU2154, KU2155, KU2156, KU2080, KU2082, KU2083
12NakhitchewanAL10/80-1 to 4, KU2116, KU2117, KU2120, KU2121, KU2142, KU2143, KU2144, KU2148
8TurkeyKU2131, KU2132, KU2133, KU2134, KU2136, KU2138, KU2140, KU2141
11TurkmeniaAL20/79-1 to 4, AL25/79-1 to 3, AL7/79-1 to 4
5UnknownRL5263, RL5496, RL5237, P74-31, PI330489
  • Accessions designated by a number preceded by G were collected by L. B. Johnson (University of California, Riverside, CA), those preceded by TB, TL, TE, TH and TS were collected by M. Feldman (Weizman Institute, Rehovot, Israel), those preceded by KU were collected by H. Kihara and Yamashita (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan), those preceded by AL or K were collected by V. Jaaska (Estonian University, Tartu, Estonia). Accessions D, F, G, H and San were collected by S. Jana (University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada). Accessions designated TA were supplied by B. S. Gill (University of Kansas, Manhattan, KS). Accessions preceded by Ae were supplied by Dr. Y.-S. Dong (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing), those preceded by RL by E. Kerber (Agriculture Canada, Winnipeg, Canada), those preceded by AS by Prof. C. Yen (The Triticeae Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, China), and the accession preceded by P was supplied by E. R. Sears (University of Missouri, Columbia, MO). The origins and sources of the remaining accessions are unknown.