Estimates of the mean, the mutational variance, and the mutational variance scaled to environmental variance for longevity

SexControl meanMutation accumulation meanVm × 1000Ve(Vm/Ve) × 1000
Male26.8 (0.47)27.2 (0.06)301.7 (92.7)85.5 (0.58)3.5
Female29.0 (0.31)25.7 (0.83)455.7 (148.5)62.7 (0.39)7.3
  • Means are estimated by averaging at each level of the design. Standard errors of the mean are presented in parentheses and are calculated from the variance of the mean longevities for each line (n = 3 for control, n = 29 for mutation accumulation). Variance components were estimated using REML, and the corresponding standard deviations of the estimates are presented in parentheses. Standard deviations were calculated from the asymptotic distributions of the estimates.