Results of the experiments described in Figure 2B.

Exp.G0πConditionsNumber of [v+]/total flies[v+] flies frequency(transposition frequency)
M7HR136Standard7/37791.9 × 10−3
N1HR136Reciprocal G01/104570.1 × 10−3
M61HN27Standard3/10252.9 × 10−3
M62HN27Standard15/22356.7 × 10−3
M63HN27Standard14/30325.0 × 10−3
M64HN27No heat shock4/66870.6 × 10−3
  • All crosses were carried out following the general scheme depicted in Figure 2B. Standard conditions were as described in the text. Experiment N1 was started from reciprocal crosses in G0. Experiments M7, N1, M61 and M62 were done at the same time as experiments M1–5 shown in Table 1, experiments M63 and M64 were done four months later. In experiment M64, heat-shock treatments were omitted.