Numbers of intensity patterns of M mtDNA in larvae of three different ages from six pair-matings of M. edulis

Age of progeny examinedNo. of progeny examinedM mtDNA patternP of homogeneity
L20818 h39390
L20848 h474070.012
L20918 h40400
L20948 h261880.0003
M21018 h24240
M21024 h18711<0.0001
B118 h12111
D318 h16160
E48 h13121
  • In each family the letter refers to the female parent and the number refers to the male parent. Females L and M were daughters of female EF4. B1, D3, and E4 were crosses between animals from the wild. The probabilities (from Fisher’s exact test) for homogeneity of the ages within families are also given. h, hours.