Tests of homogeneity of distribution of M mtDNA intensity patterns among ages within families

FamilyAges and patterns testedd.f.χ2P
X10114 d, 3 m, 6 m/I, II, III412.5030.014 (ns)
X1013 m, 6 m/II, III10.2770.599
B53 m, 6 m/II, III10.0160.899
B63 m, 6 m/II, III10.0090.924
B73 m, 6 m/II, III11.0210.312
B93 m, 6 m/II, III18.0840.004 (s)
F53 m, 6 m/I, II, III21.0400.594
F63 m, 6 m/I, II, III23.6950.158
F73 m, 6 m/I, II, III25.4690.065
F93 m, 6 m/I, II, III20.9150.633
H153 m, 6 m/I, II, III23.7390.154
  • Data from Table 1. Heterogeneity is significant in only one family (B9). The P value for X101 is not significant after the Bonferroni correction for multiple tests. d, days; m, months.