Intensity patterns of paternal mtDNA in progeny of three different ages of M. edulis mussels from 14 pair-matings

M mtDNA pattern
FamilyAge progeny examinedNo. progeny examinedI (strong)II (weak)III (absent)No. progeny sexedNo. male progeny
D1714 d388030400
Z10314 d30171125033
X10114 d40213740
X1013 m14059
X1016 m150411
B53 m17089370
B56 m9045
B63 m140311190
B66 m150312
B73 m240123450
B76 m240024
B93 m240123460
B96 m240915
H1414 d40201286124
J1514 d3425275239
F53 m24121113016
F56 m2413011
F63 m1410313829
F66 m151302
F73 m2463153318
F76 m231337
F96 m2211382013
F96 m249312
H153 m14536126
H156 m15807
  • In each family, the letter refers to the female parent and the number to the male parent. A, female parent is a daughter of female EF4; B, female parent is a daughter of female EF5; d, days; m, months.