Hatch rates of eggs obtained from field-collected D. melanogaster and estimates of the relative hatch rates of compatible and incompatible crosses

Infected fliesUninfected flies
CollectionNEmbedded Image 95% CINEmbedded Image 95% CIHaP
Field females
Yeppon (10/94)710.9500.910–0.980130.9030.880–0.9940.941 (0.903–1.079)0.924
Gold Coast (2/95)1490.9440.922–0.961120.9520.925–0.9791.009 (0.973–1.047)0.356
Coffs Harbour (4/95)31.000270.9710.938–0.9990.7100.381
Cairns (4/95)760.9420.900–0.95970.9330.884–0.9700.990 (0.936–1.056)0.254
Gold Coast (10/95)1180.9630.938–0.987160.9040.771-0.9930.930 (0.783–1.040)0.677
Field males
Cairns (4/95)500.9610.934–0.97960.9720.933–1.0000.989 (0.951–1.035)0.513
Gold Coast (10/95)860.9340.927–0.974240.8460.732–0.9341.104 (0.998–1.306)0.061
  • Hatch rates were obtained directly from inseminated females from the field. For field males, flies were crossed to virgin uninfected females to obtain hatch rates. Probabilities are from Mann-Whitney tests comparing rankings of infected and uninfected crosses. The relative hatch rate of infecteds compared to uninfecteds (H) is defined HI/HC where HI is the hatch rate of incompatible crosses, and HC is the hatch rate of compatible crosses.

  • a 95% confidence intervals (in parentheses) for H and the means were determined by bootstrapping.