Average correlations between predicted and true GVs

ScenarioSetUniversal krigingSimple krigingGenomic BLUP
AEstimation set0.801αa (0.005)0.772β (0.009)0.815γ (0.004)
Validation set0.773α (0.005)0.731β (0.008)0.776γ (0.005)
AD1Estimation set0.754α (0.004)0.652β (0.009)0.670β (0.004)
Validation set0.571α (0.006)0.530β (0.010)0.558γ (0.007)
AD2Estimation set0.854α (0.004)0.624β (0.013)0.621β (0.005)
Validation set0.490α (0.007)0.447β (0.009)0.457β (0.007)
EEstimation set0.910α (0.009)0.631β (0.015)0.681γ (0.006)
Validation set0.468α (0.006)0.411β (0.008)0.437γ (0.007)
  • a Results were averages of 50 replicates. Standard errors of the means are in parentheses. Different lowercase Greek letters indicate significant differences (1% level of significance) within rows.