Genetic transformations of germline and somatic sex do not alter the differential sensitivity of XX and XO worms to mutations in mes-4

mes-4 alleleZygotic genotypeaTemp.Sex of somabSex of germlinebAvg. number of germ nucleiPresence of gametesc
bn67mes-4; fem-3(q20 ts)gfXX16HH1 ± 2None
mes-4; fem-3(q20 ts)gfXX25HM5 ± 7None
bn58mes-4; fem-3(q20 ts)gfXX16HH41 ± 674% had sperm
mes-4; fem-3(q20 ts)gfXX25HM35 ± 28None
bn67mes-4; fog-1 (q253 ts)XX16HH3 ± 4None
mes-4; fog-1 (q253 ts)XX25HF7 ± 10None
mes-4/+XX22HH32 ± 26None
mes-4/+XO22MM227 ± 9338% had sperm
mes-4/+; fog-1 (q253 ts)XO16MM169 ± 8886% had sperm
mes-4/+; fog-1 (q253 ts)XO25MF181 ± 6935% had oocytes
bn58mes-4; fog-1 (q253 ts)XX16HH23 ± 21None
mes-4; fog-1 (q253 ts)XX25HF32 ± 25None
mes-4/+; fog-1 (q253 ts)XO16MM200 ± 4483% had sperm
mes-4/+; fog-1 (q253 ts)XO25MFn.d.d80% had oocytes
bn67mes-4; tra-1(e1099)/+ or mes-4; +/+XX22HH9 ± 6None
mes-4; tra-1(e1099)XX22MM11 ± 6None
mes-4; tra-2(e1095)/+ or mes-4; +/+XX22HH14 ± 13None
mes-4; tra-2(e1095)XX22MM15 ± 14None
mes-4; tra-1(e1575)gf/+ or mes-4; +/+XX22HH or Fe16 ± 15None
mes-4; +/+XO22MM193 ± 12742% had sperm
mes-4; tra-1(e1575)gf/+XO22HF335 ± 18650% had oocytes 4% had sperm
  • a All worms were offspring of homozygous mutant mes mothers. Between 15 and 60 worms were examined for each genotype.

  • b H, hermaphrodite; M, male; F, female.

  • c In general, worms with a large number of undifferentiated germ nuclei contained gametes, and worms with few undifferentiated germ nuclei lacked gametes.

  • d mes-4(bn58)/+; fog-1 worms raised at 25° appeared to contain at least as many germ nuclei as those raised at 16°. The exact number of germ nuclei was not determined.

  • e These two genotypic classes of worms were phenotypically indistinguishable because both were sterile offspring of mes-4 mothers.