Recovery of alleles at the same locus: summary of loci with multiple alleles

zym locusaNo. independent allelesSource (s) of allelesGenetic background (s)
zym-112EMS (6); MMS (2); UV (3); FdURD (1)spr-fd1; UTEX220; WT15c
zym-32MMS (1); UV (1)UTEX220; WT15c
zym-53MMS (1); UV (2)UTEX220
zym-62UV (1); MMS (1)WT15c
zym-122UV (1); MMS (1)UTEX220
zym-172MMSUTEX220; WT15c
zym-226MMS (3); UV (2); FdURD (1)UTEX220; WT15c
zym-252UV (1); MMS (1)UTEX220
zym-273UV (2); MMS (1)UTEX220′ WT15c
zym-283UV (2); MMS (1)UTEX220; WT15c
zym-312UV (1); MMS (1)UTEX220; WT15c
zym-353UV (2); MMS (1)UTEX220; WT15c
  • Any zym mutants that have been used in work previously published have retained their original numbers. Thus, for example, the zym-6 mutant assigned to complementation group B by VanWinkle-Swift and Burrascano (1983) will continue to be referred to as zym-6 (or, more accurately, as zym-6-1, since a second allele at that locus has since been obtained).

  • a The gene loci are assumed to be equivalent to complementation groups. Locus numbers do not necessarily reflect the chronological order in which mutant alleles at these loci were obtained.