Table 3 Comparing characteristics of RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9
DeliveryBathing, feeding, injection, transfection, transduction, transgenicInjection, transfection, transduction, transgenic
Mode of actionRISC-induced mRNA degradationDSB triggered InDel formation
Transcriptional regulator recruitment
Specificity19-bp homology20-bp homology
Tolerates up to 10 mismatchesTolerates up to 3 mismatches
Side effect prone
EfficacyStrong in C. elegansNull alleles
Strong in D. melanogasterHighly efficient in many organisms across almost all domains
Weaker in H. sapiens
ApplicationsPooled and arrayed, uni- and multivariate screeningPooled, uni- and multivariate screening
Single gene testsSingle gene tests