Table 1 Cell-type-specific Gal4 drivers in Drosophila gonads
Cell-Type ExpressionNameDescriptionReferences
Male germline
 Germline expressionnos-Gal4-VP16GSCs and early germline cystsVan Doren et al. (1998)
bam-Gal4-VP16Initiates expression during transit-amplification divisions and expressed in early spermatocytesChen and McKearin (2003b)
vas-Gal4Most germline cellsZhao et al. (2013)
 Hub cellsupd-Gal4Hub cellsZeidler et al. (1999)
hh-Gal4Hub cellsTanimoto et al. (2000)
fasIII-Gal4Hub cellsWolfstetter and Holz (2012)
 CySCs and somatic cellstj-Gal4CySCs, early cyst cells, and hub cellsHayashi et al. (2002)
C587-Gal4CySCs, early cyst cells, and hub cellsKai and Spradling (2003), Zhu and Xie (2003)
ptc-Gal4CySCs and cyst cellsTazuke et al. (2002)
eya-gal4CySCs and cyst cells, weakly expressed in hub cellsLeatherman and Dinardo (2008)
 Somatic cellsarm-Gal4Most somatic cells including Hub cells, CySCs, and cyst cellsSanson et al. (1996)
 Germline and somatic cellsHsp83-Gal4Ubiquitously expressedArama et al. (2003)
Female germline
 Germline expressionnos-Gal4 [pBac(GreenEye.nosGal4-VP16)]Stem cells, young egg chambers, and increased expression at stage 5Holtzman et al. (2010)
nos-Gal4-VP16Stem cells, young egg chambers, and increased expression at stage 5Van Doren et al. (1998)
Maternal Triple Driver (MTD)-Gal4Uniform expression in the germarium and throughout oogenesis, including GSCsPetrella et al. (2007)
bam-Gal4-VP16Germ cell expression starting at the two-cell cyst stage or CB cellsChen and McKearin (2003b)
pCOG-Gal4-VP16Moderate levels throughout oogenesisRorth (1998)
 Escort cellsC587-Gal4Escort cellsX. Song et al. (2004)
 Terminal filament and Cap cellsbab1-Gal4Terminal filament and cap cellsCabrera et al. (2002)
hh-Gal4Terminal filament and cap cellsTanimoto et al. (2000)
 Follicle stem cells109-30-Gal4Follicle stem cells and early follicle lineageHartman et al. (2010)
 Follicle cellsCb16-Gal4All follicle cells starting in germariumWard et al. (2002)
 Somatic cellstj-Gal4All follicle, follicle stem cells, escort cells, and cap cellsHayashi et al. (2002)
 Ubiquitous expressiontub-Gal4Ubiquitous expression in all cellsLee and Luo (1999)