Table 3 SNPs associated with GRR (P-values correspond to the single-SNP Wald test)
Rs NumberChrPosition (bp)Minor AllelepβP-ValuepQTL
rs4304363361180044043A0.112.198.08 10−60.006
rs4004722111268670581A0.330.869.41 10−60.03
rs418551122375216491A0.30.762.42 10−50.04
rs4075451433201298545G0.241.139.36 10−40.07
rs4119870576116517201C0.22−2.31.31 10−160.19
rs4012068886116440663G0.14−1.952.04 10−160.16
rs4125831656116525709G0.27−2.389.80 10−170.15
rs4294773226116509403A0.18−2.173.94 10−160.11
rs1618548956116491013G0.22−2.172.53 10−160.11
rs3988114676116472870A0.13−1.942.51 10−160.14
rs407110999722859168G0.251.378.71 10−70.1
rs413147562722798236A0.231.611.20 10−70.71
  • β corresponds to the effect of SNP (in number of crossover per meiosis) on GRR and pQTL is the probability of the SNP to be a QTL estimated using a Bayesian Sparse Linear Mixed Model (see Materials and Methods). Chr, chromosome; GRR, genome-wide recombination rate.