Table 1 Drosophila genomic clone libraries and their applications
Library nameVector typeClone number (ends sequenced)Average insert size (kb)Gene coverage (%)Tagged?Vector featuresApplicationsMarker
CHORI-322BAC (P[acman])52,081 (5 × coverage)2188.9UntaggedattB; high-copy inducibleTagging of small geneswhite +
CHORI-321BAC (P[acman])23,899 (9 × coverage)8399.3UntaggedattB; high-copy inducibleTagging of large genes; X chromosome duplicationwhite +
RPCI-98BAC17,540 (24 × coverage)163> 99UntaggedLow-copy onlyDNA source for gap repair recombineeringNot suited for transgenesis
FlyFosFosmid (FlyFos)15,204 (3.3 × coverage)3689.3UntaggedattB; high-copy inducibleHigh-throughput tagging3 × P3-dsRed
Pretagged- TRGFosmid (FlyFos)11,257 (not sequenced)3684.0Spacer inserted for taggingattB; high-copy inducibleHigh-throughput tagging3 × P3-dsRed
sGFP-TRGFosmid (FlyFos)9,5803671.5GFP-tagged (C-terminal)attB; high-copy inducibleRescue, protein localization, purification3 × P3-dsRed
FlyFos D. pseudoobscuraFosmid (FlyFos)2,5923637UntaggedattB; high-copy inducibleTrans-species rescue (for RNAi rescue)3 × P3-dsRed
  • The summary of all available genomic clones, their coverage, and intended applications. RNAi, RNA interference.