Table 4 Association of GRR with mutations in the RNF212 gene
Mutation NameBase ChangePositions on OA Musimon Genome (Scaffold 01089)Predicted Positions on v3.1 Sheep Genome (OAR6)pβP-ValuepQTL
RNF212_14431_AGA Embedded ImageG1322291164385140.18−3.986.25 10−170.23
RNF212_18411_GAG Embedded ImageA1362091164426240.17−5.584.93 10−150.02
RNF212_22570_CGC Embedded ImageG1403681164467530.18−3.944.61 10−160.09
RNF212_22594_AGA Embedded ImageG1403921164467770.170.570.540.004
  • Association of mutations in the RNF212 gene with GRR in 345 individuals. Positions on different reference sequences as well as predicted positions on OAR v3.1 are indicated. p: allele frequency β: allele substitution effect. pQTL: probability that the SNP is a QTL after fitting a Bayesian sparse linear mixed model on the region (see details in the text). OA, O. aries reference genome; GRR, genome-wide recombination rate.