Table 3 Significant SNPs, candidate genes, and number of genes within LD of significant SNP
SNPP-valueLocal LD (kb)No. of genes in the regionCandidate geneDistance to the candidate gene (bp)
S4_633014096.85 × 10−8234Salt-tolerance homolog18,095 downstream
S4_633014296.85 × 10−8234Salt-tolerance homolog18,105 downstream
S4_633476131.41 × 10−7238Vacuolar iron transporterIntragenic
S4_633476231.41 × 10−7238Vacuolar iron transporterIntragenic
S6_43208184.40 × 10−810NANA
S6_43309061.64 × 10−710NANA
S6_497730831.68 × 10−8169Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase)13,666 downstream
S6_497844571.48 × 10−8164Transducin/WD40 homolog773 upstream