Table 1 Direct regulators of egl-1 BH3-only transcription
Transcriptional regulatorsCellsFunction in egl-1 transcriptionReference
TRA-1HSNrepressorConradt and Horvitz 1999
HLH-2, HLH-3NSM sisteractivatorThellmann et al. 2003
CES-1NSMarepressorThellmann et al. 2003
CEH-20, MAB-5P11.aaapactivatorLiu et al. 2006
CEH-20, LIN-39, UNC-62VC neuronsrepressorPotts et al. 2009
CEH-34, EYA-1M4 sister cellactivatorHirose et al. 2010
EFL-3, LIN-39VA and VB neuronsrepressorWinn et al. 2011
SPTF-3M4 sister cellaactivatorHirose and Horvitz 2013
LIN-1g1A sister, I1 sisteraactivatorJiang and Wu 2014
UNC-3RID sisteractivatorWang et al. 2015
  • Direct regulators of egl-1 transcription identified that either function as repressors or activators of egl-1 transcription in specific cells.

  • a Indicates that this particular transcriptional regulator affects the programmed death of additional cells.