Table 2 Executioner molecules
Yeast proteinMammalian orthologsFunctionReference
Yca1/Mca1MetacaspaseCleave proteinsMadeo et al. (2002)
Nma111HtrA2/OmiNuclear serine protease required for ROS-induced PCD, cleaves Bir1.Fahrenkrog et al. (2004)
Bir1IAPInhibitor of apoptosis. Substrate of Nma111.Walter et al. (2006)
Aif1, Ndi1Aif/AMIDMitochondrial nuclease released following permeability. Required for chromatin destruction.Wissing et al. (2004)
Esp1SeparinCaspase-like protease, cleaves the cohesion Mcd1.Yang et al. (2008)
Nuc1EndoGMitochondrial nuclease released following permeability. Required for chromatin destruction.Buttner et al. (2007)
Kex1Caspase-likeRequired for PCD in response to glycosylation defects, acetic acid, aging.Hauptmann and Lehle (2008)
Cyclin C/Ssn3pCyclin CTranslocates to mitochondria following stress. Associates with mitochondrial fission machinery, required for mitochondrial fragmentation and permeability.Cooper et al. (2012, 2014)
Ybh3BaxTranslocate to the mitochondria following stress. Induce mitochondrial outer membrane permeability.Buttner et al. (2011)